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Evangelist Mary Love Comer

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My Testimony

My Bio...

This testimony is to the glory of God, not to glorify any works of my own for there was nothing I could have done to bring myself to this place, from where it all began.  Abandoned at 3 months old and left to die, saved by the power of prayer, as my grandmother and the church mothers of the 8th & W Church of God in Christ, of Sacramento, California; tarried for 3 days before the Lord that I might live after the doctors told my grandmother I’d die before morning.  Now at 57 I know my death has truly been suspended by the power of our prayer answering God.


            Growing up I was from pillow to post.  I became manic depressed and felt unloved and unwanted.  This led to many abuses and finally to drug addiction.  I know now it was my death wish, hoping that I’d to be released from the deep sorrow I felt.  Through the prayers of my grandmother and the teachings that I received from her while she was with us, I was able to pray to God for myself.  I asked Him to deliver me from drugs and from the pain that was so deep within me, and I can say today that I am delivered and have been made free from depression and the addictions of my flesh.  God has since chosen me to be a Co Pastor, Television Host and C. E. O. of my own record label New Judah Music, along with my husband Senior Pastor& founder of New Judah Christian Fellowship Bradford E. Comer.


            I have been honored to teach at many retreats, conferences and revivals.  Concerts have been my life’s work.  I began singing professionally in 1968 until 1986 in the secular music industry.  In 1986 God called me out of the secular music industry into the Praise and Worship Ministry.   In 1990 I was called to work in ministry on skid row in Los Angeles California, at the Fred Jordan Mission with Willie Jordan where I began teaching, preaching and sharing my testimony.  Since, I have continued to share my testimony of deliverance, as well as preaching and teaching God’s Word, never neglecting to teach the importance of continuing in the deliverance that comes with following Christ.  The work has begun and it must be completed.  We all need to be taught how to continue in our walk of salvation until the day of the Lord’s coming, never becoming lax in the things of God.  This is my dedication and purpose to share the plan of salvation with all that they might know that we are not to merely get saved and go to church, but we must become the church and continue onto the perfection of saints in Christ Jesus.


When God gives a vision to our hearts, we must believe that “He Who has begun a great work in us is able to complete it”.  Even now as I walk by faith and trust in God, many adversities come my way, but it’s by confidence in my Gods love toward me that I know when I need Him, I can call Him and He will answer my prayer.  I share these personal things with you that you might know that Prayer truly does change things and God still answers the prayers of those who will seek Him in all diligence.   God bless you and keep you, for there is none greater and He for He will do exactly what He says He will do.  What a mighty God we serve!


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Jeremiah 33:9
"And (Jerusalem) shall be to Me a name of joy, a praise and a glory before all the nations of the earth that hear of all the good I do for it, and they shallfear and tremble because of all the good and all the peace, prosperity, security, and stability I provide for it."